IgG Poly Antibody

Product name: IgG Polyclonal Antibody
Source: Goat
Concentration: Tighter 16.0mg/ml Method:Herdelberger

Total Protein 7.51g/dL

Filtered 0.45u membrane

Volume: 10.00mg,100.00mg,1000.00mg etc
Quality: React with Mouse IgG gamma chain as well as light chain from Mouse Immunoglobulin classes.

Cross reactivity with immune globulins from other species is also abserved.

Exp: More than 2 years
Storage: -20℃ Avoid repeated freeze throw cycles
Caution: No test can guarantee a product to be non-infectious. Therefore all material derived from human fluids be considered as potentially infectious.

For research or In vitro diagnostics reagents and laboratory only.